Wheeler Radio Tour: What summer travel season means for oil & gas investors (Part 1)

Summer travel creates a spike in demand that drives oil & gas prices up – making it a prime time for accredited investors looking to invest in secondary oil recovery. This summer, JP Bolton, Principal of Wheeler Resource Recovery, was invited to join five prominent radio networks in Texas, North Dakota, Florida, and Pennsylvania to share the company’s expertise on oil and gas industry trends and shine a light on this time-sensitive oil and gas investment opportunity. 

For more insights, check out part 1 of this blog series below. If looking to invest in secondary oil recovery this summer, contact us to learn more. 

Wheeler hits the road in a summer travel season radio media tour

WILK-FM with Paula Reynolds – Exploring the Energy Landscape of Pennsylvania

Don’t miss this engaging conversation on WILK-FM, a leading PA radio station, as JP Bolton dives into the impactful work of Wheeler Resource Recovery and how its unique field development model has brought low-risk, high-reward secondary oil recovery investment opportunities to accredited investors. Listen HERE.

WBAP-AM with Kim Lampkins – Texas Voices in Energy News and Insights

Texas leads the nation in crude oil production, and Wheeler Resource Recovery was invited to join the show to provide a closer look at how the summer travel season impacts the oil & gas industry. Wheeler’s JP Bolton provided insights on the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry in Texas, detailing what consumers can expect of oil & gas prices this summer as well as how investors can take advantage. 

Issues Today Radio with Bob Gourley – Unveiling Updates and Trends in the Oil and Gas Industry

Issues Today Radio is a nationally syndicated radio station that airs in over 30 states across the United States. In this national broadcast, JP Bolton provided listeners with a detailed look at the state of the oil and gas industry and articulated how oil and gas investments compare to alternative investments. Listen HERE.