The Summer Travel Season’s Influence on Oil & Gas Investments (Part 2)

As we near the end of a busy season of summer travel, comes a surge in demand that leads to higher oil & gas prices. This presents an ideal window for accredited investors, this increase makes it the perfect time for exploring opportunities in the secondary oil recovery sector.  

This summer, Principal of Wheeler Resource Recovery, JP Bolton was invited to join five prominent radio networks in Texas, North Dakota, Florida, and Pennsylvania to share the company’s expertise on oil and gas industry trends and bring attention to this pressing oil and gas investment opportunity.

For more insights, check out part 2 of this blog series below. If looking to invest in secondary oil recovery, contact us to learn more. 

Wheeler’s summer travel season radio media tour wraps up!

Prairie Public Broadcasting with Dave Thompson

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking conversation with Prairie Public Broadcasting, a National Public Radio affiliate station, as JP Bolton dives into the economic fluctuations impacting oil and gas prices and why summer travel typically forces an upturn in the oil and gas market. Listen HERE

Florida News Network with Melissa Foxx


Since 1978, FNN has been a leading radio network in Florida, trusted for its comprehensive coverage. In this interview airing on all iHeart Radio stations across FL, JP Bolton, Principal of Wheeler Resource Recovery, unravels the misconceptions surrounding the oil and gas market. Tune in HERE.